Surprise Me

For the Weekly Writing Challenge: Backwards I have decided to tell you the story of my love for music and how I became infatuated with ethnomusicology.

It has not ended, so I guess I start in the midst of the story. The end is at the beginning.

My life revolves around learning about new music. My eclectic taste in music could not be better exemplified than with my iPod. I always listen to my iPod on shuffle. Even if I am listening to one CD, I like being surprised. Usually I listen to my 8000+ songs all on shuffle.

Surprise me.

Here is an example of what I listen to now and what my musical palette has become after years of listening to music and the decision to pursue the study of music. I have put my iPod on shuffle, all songs, and I will list the first five songs.

“Hard Rain Fallin'” by Sir Lord Baltimore

“Allons danser Colinda” by a Zyedco band that I do not have the name of.

“Warrior in the Woolworths” by X-Ray Spex

“Lanlaire” by Le Vent Du Nord

“Cry Me a River” by Julie London

Recently I have taken to going to the only nearby music store that sells CDs, records, and even tapes. At the store they have a World Music section and I will just sit down and rifle through the selection and choose ones from each continent. I like hearing new things, but sadly I have to judge a “book by it’s cover” when shopping because I cannot just listen to them in the store. The last one that I was excited about finding was a band called the Afro-Celt Sound System. I needed to know what that meant and what it would sound like. I wanted to be surprised.

And I was.

I did not become fascinated with different kinds of music until I became a student of Anthropology.

I decided to take a course about Music in Japan. In High School I studied Japanese, and while now I can not understand the language if it was spoken to me, I still wanted to take the course because I loved learning about Japan. This was my first step into the ethnomusicology foray. I especially loved learning about the music in Noh theater.

I enjoyed every second of that class. It did not take long for me to decide I wanted to have more classes like that.

But before I took a class in Anthropology I had to become interested in Anthropology.

When I first went to college my major was History. I excelled in that subject in High School so it seemed like a safe bet in college. But my thirst for knowledge was not quenched learning about who went to war with whom, and what ruler did what. I needed to know more about the people themselves. It was not enough to know how they got there to what they were doing know, I needed to be surprised.

So my quest for a subject that would satisfy my curiosity began. There are a lot of majors at my school, but luckily I started with “A” so I did not have to go through the whole list. Anthropology seemed like it had everything I could want. It had the historical aspect that I already had, but it was filled with so much more that it immediately called to me. After a quick change in majors, I became closer to the end of my road.

And this is where it began.

The Spice Girls.

I am a 90’s chick. The first CDs I ever asked for were of the popular kind. I am now embarrassed by my music tastes from when I was a child. I would not have known good music if it was blasted in my ears. I listened to what was considered cool and popular. I would blast it on my little boom box and annoy my parents to no end by playing a certain song on repeat. This practice is probably what stemmed by dislike for for repeat or listening to a CD in it’s intended progression.

The Spice Girls were a great love of mine as a child. I can still sing all their songs because I had them ingrained in my memory from all the times I listened to it.

And that is where my story begins, and ends.

I totally still watch their movie and have their songs on my iPod. You may be able to change my age, but you can’t make me grow up.


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