Sweet Dreams are Stalled by These

Have you ever been in that limbo place where you are between wakefulness and sleep? Have you ever had a song stuck in your head during that time? I have, every night it would seem, and I have given it a name : Limbo Jam.

I have noticed that there are three types of this “Limbo Jam”: What’s that song, Remember when, and Did you catch that.


Did you catch that?

This category of “Limbo Jam” is for when during the day, or week sometimes, you might have heard a little snippet of a song. For me this comes in the form of flipping through the radio or television stations, television commercials, and movies.

The catchy tune is your enemy here.

I experienced this just yesterday. While channel surfing I came across Robin Hood: Men in Tights. It was at the tail end of the song “Men In Tights” and I probably only heard it for 15 seconds.

Nevertheless, when it came time for me to go to sleep my mind would not turn off the music. And to my dismay, tonight’s rendition was “Men In Tights”.

This lovely video put the song “Men In Tights” to Disney’s Robin Hood. I could not find any good versions of the part in the movie, so here is a very nicely done fan made video.

This song played in my head as I tried to find sleep, even though I had only heard a snippet of it during the day.

Remember When?

This category of “Limbo Jam” is brought to you by memories of music of your past. If you had not heard a song for an extended period of time but for no explicable reason you get it stuck in your head as you try to go to sleep.

A recent “Remember When?” for me was last week I had “Donkey Song” by Sirius.B, an Absurdist Gypsy Folk Funk Punk band, stuck in my head. These guys are one of my favorite Gypsy Punk bands but I can not remember the last time I listened to them, so it must have been a while.

Of all their songs, it does make sense that this one was stuck in my head because it was my favorite off of  The Triumphant Return of Black-Eyed Norman.

Though there was no logic that it decided to resurface in my memory to keep me up in “Limbo Jam” for a good portion of the night.

And finally for the last, and for me the most irritating category of “Limbo Jam”: What’s that song.

What’s That Song?

Sometimes a song will start playing in my head, but I have no idea where it comes from. I do not recognize the song. I probably do not recognize any lyrics. I do not recognize band. There are no distinguishable features other than the series of notes playing in my head.

This incredibly frustrates me to no end because if I can remember what it sounds like then why can I not remember the song.

The frequency that I experience this “Limbo Jam” is embarrassing. Sometimes I am able to at least pin point genre and country the song is from. This sometime can be difficult for me because of the wide-range of music I listen to. It may take me months to figure out what the song was.

The last one took me around two months to figure it out and I figured it out all by accident.

I had an acoustic song stuck in my head and it was only the first few notes of the song.

It was this song. “Over the Rainbow” as performed by the Glee cast.

Right now I am in the process of trying to find one. I have narrowed it down to South-East Asia and I believe it was the court music, but other than that I have nothing to go on.

I could pull my hair out from frustration.
Sweet dreams everyone.

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