Halloween on Repeat

Have you noticed that every Halloween the same songs are played. The same playlist on the radio, at parties, in movies. Over and over again, until we are screaming for an entirely different reason on All Hallow’s Eve.

Well I demand a stop to this nonsense. There are plenty of songs out there and I hope that others will find them this year.

If you are hosting a themed Halloween Party, I would recommend having music that revolves around that theme. Most people either just pop in a pre-made Halloween mix or play what ever is popular at the moment. A themed Halloween Party can benefit from a themed music mix because it creates another dimension to the party.

I have an article with suggestions for certain themes, and if you have one that is not there but you need some suggestions for the soundtrack to your party then drop me comment/message. The article can be found here on Squidoo: Halloween Theme Party Music.

Here is my list of favorite, but can only handle so much of, songs played during Halloween

Monster Mash

Time Warp


Ghostbusters Theme

The Devil Went Down to Georgia

Werewolves of London

Have a Happy Halloween!

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